Values of the Cortland County Democratic Committee


As Democrats everything we believe and work for stems from one core value – Compassion. Compassion is defined as concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. It maybe a noun, but to care for others is a verb. Compassion requires action. It’s not about warm, fuzzy feelings and good thoughts. It’s creating a democracy built on an ethic of citizens caring for each other and taking both personal and social responsibility to act on that care. It’s about acting within our community and country to work for justice, search for knowledge and fact-based understanding, create a world of equality and inclusion, practice stewardship, and create the Common Good.

From Compassion the values of the Common Good, Equality, Justice, Inclusion, Knowledge, and Stewardship arise. This is the action, the values that direct us to put our beliefs into practice, to translate our compassion into ongoing and steadfast actions that seek to preserve the dignity and individual rights of every human being, and to achieve a just society.

Common Good

The Common Good might not be as well-known as many Republican values and beliefs, but is undoubtedly older. The term comes from the old English concept of “the commons” the areas of land that a community held together for everyone to use for in common. Today the Common Good refers to everything from our schools, to our roads, to Social Security and our social safety net. We create this Common Good not for others, but because we realize that these are things we all need, we all benefit from, and we create together. A democracy, we know, is built on an ethic of citizens caring for each other and acting to transcend private interests in favor of mutual concerns and collective decision-making.


We believe in creating a country where all people are equal, not just in theory, but in practice. A true democracy is a country where the same laws apply to all, where opportunities are equal, where everyone has the same rights. It is a country that works for racial equality, gender equality, a to overcome income and wealth inequality.


We believe in a just society where all people are treated fairly. In such a democracy laws are created and executed based on the principle that no one system or individual is superior to another. They are applied evenly to all people, and they assure that people’s rights are respected by others.


We believe for our society to be the best it can be it must recognize and utilize the collective benefit of engaging diverse perspectives in addressing and solving problems. We are better when we include the talents and views of all. The government of any democracy must include all people and all perspectives to be strong, vital and the best it can be.


We believe citizens of the US must be well-informed, attend carefully to public issues, and believe in the free and open exchange of accurate and accessible information. As a democracy we support equal education for all, evidence-based decision making and support of scientific inquiry and the scientific community.


As a democracy, we must assume responsibility for the future of the country and future generations. Our actions and policies should always maximize the long-term welfare and sustainability of the planet, our country, and our people. We are custodians of today and the future.