Petition Season Begins

Democrats across Cortland County will soon be seeing members of the Cortland County Democratic Committee on their doorstep carrying petitions for Democratic candidates up and down the ticket for this year’s elections.

The petitioning process is an important first step to demonstrate the viability of a candidate for office. In order to appear on the ballot (primary or general), someone who wishes to run for an elected position must obtain the signatures of some percent of the constituency they wish to represent. For lower offices, like that of a common council member or legislator, it may be possible for the candidate to obtain signatures 100% on their own. For offices that represent larger districts, like Congress or Governor, candidates enlist the help of others to obtain the number of signatures they need.

The Cortland County Democratic Committee’s membership will be carrying petitions this cycle for their own seats on the county committee in addition to the petitions of candidates for Congress, State Senate, Delegates to the NY Supreme Court Judicial Convention and seats on the NYS Democratic Committee.

So keep a look out for your Democratic neighbors throughout the month of March and if you do not end up getting a visit, but would like to sign petitions, contact us at or call (607) 269-5462 and we’ll make sure someone heads your way.